A Collection of Oriental and European Carpets and Textiles

Teheran Carpet
Central Persia
Circa 1890
316 x 243 cm (105 x 8)

Notes: Asymmetrically knotted wool and silk pile on a cotton foundation
The rare carpets that can be attributed to the Teheran workshops are distinguished by their very fine weave, employing high quality wool and silk yarns, and their patterns, which are often inspired by Safavid models. In this ivory ground example the allover design consists of large lancet leafs alternating with scrolling palmettes of various kind, impeccably executed with silk highlights and using a delicate palette that brings together the entire composition. The soft red border that frames the field is decorated by a directional motif of vases issuing flowering plants, similar to those seen on certain fine ivory ground Ferahan rugs.



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