China, Tibet and East Turkestan

Fragment of a carpet with lotus flowers

Inner Mongolia/Northern China
Qing Dynasty
Kangxi period (1662-1722)
145 x 122 cm (57 x 48 in.)

Knot count: 5 H x 5 V = 25 kpsi
Colours: light blue, light yellow, taupe, dark brown, ivory(5)
Condition: fragmentary, with areas of wear and deep corrosion in the dark brown.
Notes: A fragment of what must have been a large Imperial carpet, distinguished by a large scale allover pattern of lotus flowers. The weave is of a type we would normally associate with Mongolia and so is the abundant use of a dark corrosive brown, especially in the particularly wide outer border. The innermost guard stripe has a pattern that we see on Ming carpets. There is the added peculiarity of a row of knots in cotton tied across a single warp.

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