China, Tibet and East Turkestan

Fragment of a lion-dog medallion and scrolling flowers field carpet
Northern China
Qing Dynasty
Kangxi period (1662-1722)
260 x 70 cm (102.5 x 27.5 in.)

Colours: light yellow, dark blue, light blue, pale rose, tan, brown, ivory (7)
Condition: a fragment of the left side of the carpet, missing the top border and a small section of the medallion. Areas of moth damage, wear and stains. Professionally mounted on a dark blue cotton fabric stretched over a thick layer white wool.
Notes: Sourced in Tibet, this fragment belongs to a group of five other pieces discussed by Michael Franses in his superb monograph (Classical Chinese Carpets I - Lion-dogs, Hundred Antiques, London 2000, p. 38). The abundant use of light blue wool appears to me as a distinguishing feature for rugs commissioned for the Tibetan market. Also this type of fragmentation (cut exactly in half) is typical of the early Chinese carpets found in Tibet, as if it was divided in two by the heirs.



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