China, Tibet and East Turkestan

Silk throne cover fragment
East Turkestan
Circa 1700
81 x 43 cm (32 x 17 cm)

Knot count: 16 H x 14 V = 224 kpsi
Colours: medium blue, light blue, gold yellow, brown (4)
Condition: fragment of the left half with areas of wear. Conserved on a black cotton fabric and mounted on a wooden stretcher.
Notes: This fragment belongs to a specific group of twelve silk Kashgar throne covers, all with a similar design, palette and extremely fine knotting. Among the group one in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and two in the Metropolitan Museum in New York (see E. Herrmann, Asiatische Teppich-und Textilkunst, Munich, vol. 2 plate 73 and vol. 5 plate 107). The delicate tracery is compounded by a choice of colours that speaks of great age and nobility.

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