China, Tibet and East Turkestan

Tsukdruk with nambu pattern
Circa 1930
149 x 79 cm (59 x 31 in.)

Knot count: 5 H x 6 V = 30 kpsi
Colours: dark blue, turquoise, light blue, red, orange, pink, green, camel, ivory (9)
Condition: good pile overall, with original sides and ends.
Notes: Rugs woven in this particular type of slip-loop technique follow a tradition which dates to the earliest phase of pile weaving. Each of the four panels is woven individually and then are hand-stitched together. The handle of tsukdruk rugs is extremely supple, indicating that they were not used for the floor but as blankets or covers of some sort. Here the indigo background is embellished by various motifs we often encounter on flatwoven nambu textiles, which were used as garments of prestige by Tibetan women.

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