China, Tibet and East Turkestan

Nambu rug
Circa 1900
108 x 76 cm (42.5 x 30 in.)

Knot count: 1 H x 1 V = 1 kpsi
Colours: purple, maroon, medium blue, green, light yellow, ivory (6)
Condition: excellent. Full pile and all original.
Notes: A rare and unusual Tibetan rug woven with the yarn obtained by unraveling nambu skirts, which are typically decorated by multicoloured stripes. The unraveled wool is arranged by colour and then hand-stitched onto an indigo-dyed cotton fabric, creating a pattern. The design here is strongly reminiscent of the pinwheel, which is a motif we see also on other types of Tibetan rugs. The visual effect is that of counterclockwise motion. This is the third example I personally ever seen for this elusive group.

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