A Collection of Exquisite Small Persian Tribal Weavings

Pair of sumak mafrash side panels
Shahsavan Confederacy
Savalan region
Northwest Persia
Circa 1850
47 x 56 cm (18.5 x 22 in.)

Knot count: 23 wrapping wefts/inch.
Colours: rose, light red, dark red, light blue, dark blue, light yellow, emerald green, brown-black, ivory (9).
Condition: both complete. One has two minuscule restitched areas on the sides in the central ivory compartment.
Notes: Very fine examples of the type, with a crisp drawing and excellent colour saturation. They both contain a rose colour which is indicative of good age and is characteristic of a local variety of cochineal (see Wertime p.117).
Provenance: James Opie, Portland.

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