A Collection of Exquisite Small Persian Tribal Weavings

Pile khorjin
Qashqa’i Confederacy
Southern Persia
Circa 1870
116 x 58 cm (46 x 23 in.)

Knot count: 14 H x 28 V = 392 kpsi.
Colours: soft red, dark maroon, light blue, dark blue, greenish yellow, pistachio green, blue-green, dark brown, ivory (9).
Condition: excellent for being a half of a rather large double saddle bag. Full velvety pile, original sides and ends, including closures.
Notes: the palette listed isn’t representative of the true splendour of colours displayed here, best expressed on a top quality ‘hooked diamond-medallion saddle-bag‘, a quote from the late Robert Pinner’s contribution to David Black and Clive Loveless ‘Woven Gardens’ (1979), the pioneering work and in some respects still one the most respected publications on south Persian tribal woven material. This is coming from my private collection - it belonged to one of the living room walls in my bachelor pad for almost 20 years. We are old friends.

Not for sale.



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