A Collection of Exquisite Small Persian Tribal Weavings

Pile bag face or mat
Jaf Kurds
West Persia
Circa 1870
54 x 48 cm (21 x 19 in.)

Knot count: 16 H x 12 V = 192 kpsi.
Colours: brownish red, pinkish red, purple brown, light blue, dark blue, apricot yellow, grass green, emerald green, brownish black, ivory (10).
Condition: if it is a bag face then itís missing all around its outer perimeter, as it was converted into a small rug in much the same way as the previous piece. If itís a pile rug then itís probably missing an outer guard stripe and definitely missing ends and side selvedges. A few minuscule old reweaves.
Notes: a finely woven, single-wefted fabric, with the flexible handle of a mat. Jaf colour spectrum at its most complete. Purchased from who I consider to be the true Prince of Wales.
Provenance: Owen Parry, Abergavenny.

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