A Collection of Exquisite Small Persian Tribal Weavings

Pile khorjin recycled as saddle rug
Kurds of the Sauj Bulagh area
Northwest Persia
Circa 1850
63 x 43 cm (25 x 17 in.)

Knot count: 10 H x 8 V = 80 kpsi.
Colours: maroon, pinkish red, apricot, aubergine, light blue, dark blue, light green, dark green, ivory (9).
Condition: fraying ends, scattered moth damge. As found.
Notes: an opened pile khorjin, later adapted by the Kurdish tribe as a saddle rug, applying the necessary holes corresponding at the top to the pommel (or saddle horn) and at the bottom for the cantle, namely the back of the saddle and wrapping the ends with leather. A genuine ‘protokurdish’ horse trapping.
Provenance: James Cohen, London.

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