A Collection of Oriental and European Carpets and Textiles

central anatolia
16th century
272 x 178 cm (8'11" x 5'10")

Notes: symmetrically knotted wool pile on a wool foundation
A very rare carpet with a medallion and pendants design belonging to a specific group of weavings inspired by Ottoman decorative elements and attributed to Karapinar, although this typology is also encountered on a group of carpets found in the Ulu mosque of Divrigi, in eastern Anatolia. The centralised design is derived from the court carpets of Ushak, decorated by large ogival medallions, while the cartouche border is reminiscent of that of Ottoman court kilims, particularly in the way colours are directly juxtaposed. It is interesting to note the presence of the cintamani motif, both in the medallion and in the field, and that of small stylised birds, whose shape reminds us of those encountered on a group of early Anatolian animal carpets.
Bibliography: M.H. Beattie, 'Some Rugs of the Konya Region', Oriental Art, XVII (1976): pp. 60-76.
Provenance: Karekin Beshir Collection, New York.


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