Selected acquisitions of antique textile art

Alg 1050
Kasim Ushag rug
Karabagh area
Southern Caucasus
circa 1850
204 x 110 cm (68 x 37)

Notes: symmetrically knotted wool pile on a wool foundation
The southern Caucasian rugs of Chelaberd, Chondoresk and Kasim Ushag are all inspired by the early phase of silk Caucasian embroideries. In this finely woven, pristine example, characterised by a brilliant palette, we see a central scorpion-like motif enclosed within a yellow cartouche, flanked by two pairs of curved devices containing zoomorphic motifs in a style typical of early Caucasian silk embroideries. The profusion of animal style elements is an indication that this family of weavings derives its iconography from an indigenous rather than Turkic style, and may well represent the nineteenth century survivor of a long standing tradition.



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