Selected acquisitions of antique textile art

Alg 2218
Rug with shield-like palmettes
Shahsavan confederacy
Northwest Persia
circa 1830
470 x 95 cm (155 x 31)

Notes: symmetrically knotted wool pile on cotton warps and wool wefts
The rare pile rugs that can be attributed to the Shahsavan confederacy have certain distinguishing features which sets them apart from their Caucasian neighbours. Firstly they are usually woven, as here, on cotton warps. Then they are characterised by a palette that is strongly reminiscent of their sumakh tent bags, for which they are mostly known. The designs seem to pick from either a Persianate repertoire or one that is more tribal oriented. Here we see an infinite repeat pattern of directional, shield-like palmettes on an indigo background, which emphasize the gem-like quality of the colours.



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