Selected acquisitions of antique textile art

Alg 1964
Bijov rug
Northeast Caucasus
circa 1850
178 x 110 cm (510 x 37)

Notes: symmetrically knotted wool pile on a wool foundation
The rugs attributed to the village of Bijov, situated in the Zeikhur area, are characterised by an ascending pattern that clearly pays its dues to the Dragon carpets of the classical period. Here, an infinite repeat design composed of a central row of directional cartouches flanked by two offset rows of narrower, blossom-like cartouches, each containing highly geometricised zoomorphic motifs similar to the ones on early Caucasian carpets of the Dragon and Transitional period. The dark brown field colour highlights the jewel-like quality of the fully saturated colours, which distinguish the early vintage of this piece.



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