A Collection of Oriental and European Carpets and Textiles

a two-medallion rug
konya area
central anatolia
circa 1800
cm 159 x 215 (5'3" x 7'1")

Notes: symmetrical knot on a wool foundation
An unusual two-medallion decorative scheme distinguishes this rug, composed of concentric polychrome hexagons contoured by hooked motifs similar to animal heads. The upper compartment attempts to evoke the classical 4-1 quincunxial pattern, hinting at a connection between this rug and ancestors such as the "large-pattern Holbein" carpets. The madder red background is a rare feature for rugs from this region, as are the zoomorphic elements decorating the end panels (elems).
Published: J.Opie, Tribal Rugs, Portland, 1992, plate 15.11, p. 274.



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