A Collection of Oriental and European Carpets and Textiles

first empire circa 1800
cm 382 x 400 (12'7" x 13'2")

Notes: weft faced plain weave
Aubusson has always been synonymous of antique French textile art. These find their best expression in the age of Napoleon, the so called First Empire, where he organized a system of supervision and unification of the arts. The palette of the carpets from this period is based on colours including various shades green and dark brown, and the designs are characterized by a central round medallion on a background with an all-over pattern of four or six petal rosettes. The carpet illustrated here shows a central motif of great chromatic and stylistic elaboration on a decorated olive green background, framed by an elegant floral border reminiscent of early Flemish tapestries.
Bibliography: S.B. Sherrill, Carpets and Rugs of Europe and America, New York, 1995, pl. 114, p. 105.



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