A Collection of Oriental and European Carpets and Textiles

runner with polychrome rosettes

Circa 1880
cm 72 x 215 (2'4" x 7'1")

Notes: asymmetrical knot on a wool foundation
Antique Tibetan rugs are distinguished by virtue of a limited palette together with a repertoire of designs that often make reference to Buddhist iconography. Each of the various formats of Tibetan rugs had a specific function, from the khaden, made to cover certain platforms present in the houses of high-ranking Tibetans, to the small square khakangma used by the monks as meditation mats, and the makden which decorate horses' saddles. This pleasing example is decorated by a so called "cash diaper" infinite repeat pattern of Chinese origin, arranged by groups of colour forming a series of offset polychrome rosettes. The silky quality of the wool allows the colours to exude their brilliance. The runner format is fairly unusual among Tibetan rugs.



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