A Collection of Oriental and European Carpets and Textiles

cloudband rug
karabakh area
southern caucasus
circa 1860
cm 108 x 234 (3'7" x 7'8")

Notes: symmetrical knot on a wool foundation
Distinguished by a series of octagonal medallions containing ribbon-like motifs derived from the so-called "cloudband" design, the latter being of Chinese origin, rugs of this type are often called "Cloudband Kazak". In fact they originate from the south Caucasian region of Karabakh, more specifically from the town of Chondzoresk. This example is decorated by a row of medallions and characterised by a vigorous palette, where each medallion is of a different colour. The presence of zoomorphic motifs flanking the central composition is of particular interest. The intense yellow and an especially brilliant shade of green, together with a freehand style of drawing and an extremely lustruous wool pile, are exemplary of the best Caucasian weavings.
Bibliography: U.Schurmann, Caucasian Rugs, Koln, 1964, plate 31, p. 119.



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