A Collection of Oriental and European Carpets and Textiles

kazak prayer rug
borchalo area
southwest caucasus

dated 1281 a.h. (1864)
125 x 108 cm (41 x 37)

Notes: symmetrically knotted wool pile on a wool foundation
This cheerful prayer rug belongs to a rare group of Kazaks sharing a similar field design and colour arrangement (see R. Kaffel, Caucasian Prayer Rugs, London 1998, plate 17, pg. 57). The re-entrant niche is decorated by two chequerboard motifs with ram's horn elements on each side, appearing as if floating on the sea green background. The rich red field surrounding the niche is sporadically interrupted by clusters of small ivory lozenges, adding to the unaffected beauty of the piece. The vibrant palette, coupled with the primitive quality of the design, allow us to attribute this rug to the Borchalo area, renowned for producing the finest Kazaks.



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