A Collection of Oriental and European Carpets and Textiles

marina gron
signed ab mmf bn (marta maas fjetterstroem and barbronilsson)
circa 1956
227 x 165 cm (75 x 55)

Notes: symmetrically knotted wool pile on a cotton foundation
One of the leading female figures in the textile art scene, Marta Maas Fjetterstroem (1873-1841) contributed greatly to the development of the modernist carpet by re-assessing a great number of weaving methods in her glorious workshop, including mixed flatweave and knotting techniques. Her designs, based initially on more organic patterns, soon evolved towards a more experimental aesthetic, in keeping with the abstraction that characterised much of the visual arts of the period. Following her death, progressively conceived carpets were woven with her techniques yet designed by other artists. Barbro Nilsson took over her workshop and soon added a great number of highly creative patterns to the repertoire. The carpet shown here represents the pinnacle of carpet weaving during the second period of her workshop. Straight and curved lines in ivory and black sweep across a blue green field make up of blocks of gradating colour, creating a unique dynamic which, although reflecting the movement of the sea, transports us into the higher realm of abstraction.



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