A Collection of Oriental and European Carpets and Textiles

art deco carpet
monogrammed j.h. derche
circa 1930
293 x 230 cm (97 x 77)

Notes: symmetrically knotted wool pile on a cotton foundation
This is a rare carpet by J.H. Derche, who was a leading Parisian interior decorator of the Art Deco period. The carpet is skilfully decorated with a geometric design of abstract forms in black on a coral rose background. Patterns such as this one were derived from the Berber carpets of Morocco, which at the time represented a true revelation for many avant-garde designers such as Ivan Da Silva Bruhns. The exotic primitivism of the forms seen on these tribal rugs were a perfect source of creativity for Art Deco artists, who aimed at breaking away from the classical floral tradition through a new language of ornament that would embody the modern character of the time.
Bibliography: S. Day, Art Deco and Modernist Carpets, London, 2002



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