A Collection of Oriental and European Carpets and Textiles

berber carpet
beni ouarain tribe
middle atlas
circa 1930
280 x 188 cm (92 x 62)

Notes: berber knotted wool pile on a wool foundation
The carpets of the Beni Ouarain tribal confederacy differ from most other Berber weavings in that they are woven exclusively with an ivory background and adorned with abstract geometric motifs of undyed natural brown or black wool. Here we see an infinite repeat pattern of lozenge, which has a somewhat tribal cadence due the spontaneous change of the inner decoration. This lack of order within a well-defined substrate is what characterises the most highly collectable Berber carpets. The lush, silky wool quality contribute further in making these 'white giants' among the most dramatic expressions of textile art from tribal Morocco.
Bibliography: G. Blazek, 'White Giants - Carpets of the Beni Ouarain and Related Moroccan Nomadic Tribes', Hali, no. 94, London, September 1997, pp. 68-74



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