A Collection of Oriental and European Carpets and Textiles

ziegler sultanabad carpet
west persia
circa 1880
505 x 405 cm (168 x 132)

Notes: asymmetrically knotted wool pile on a cotton foundation
One of the principal characteristics of Ziegler carpets can be seen in their particular treatment of colour, where the wool yarns are masterfully dyed so to create an almost translucent effect. In this example the large scale infinite repeat floral pattern is set on a blue background with hints of grey, imparting a particular fluidity to the field, as if the flowers were floating on an imaginary water basin. None of the colours dominate, as they blend in a unique patina of warm, earth tones. The characteristic rhythm of the design, which although ornate never appears congested, is also a distinguishing these carpets. The stylised garlands arranged here in offset parallel rows across the field impart a certain posture to the composition. The floral motifs that surround the garlands and fill the field are drawn in a delicate freehand manner, allowing them to flow within the pattern. This stately yet relaxed style is achieved by a unique sense of spacing in the design, a painterly sense of colour and a refined texture. These factors all contribute to count this carpet among the favourite 'Persian classics' of our era.



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