A Collection of Oriental and European Carpets and Textiles

kilim with striped pattern
shahsavan tribe
mianeh region
northwest persia
circa 1800
261 x 179 cm (87 x 510)

Notes: weft faced plainweave in wool on cotton warps
The painterly affect achieved in the execution of this highly remarkable flatweave sets it apart from the myriad striped kilims from various parts of the Caucasus and Persia. The interlocking curved wefts appear as freehand brushstrokes in which each block of colour naturally merges into the other. The absence of contour lines in this transition lends further appeal to the rug. One's eye is transported across the field with a unique rhythm, and the composition has a sort of gracefulness that is rarely seen on any flatweaves. The wide range of deeply saturated colours, the abundant presence of rare dyes such as an apple green and a soft peach, the large amount of 'lazy lines' and the irregular width of each of the stripes are all early features for kilims.
Bibliography: H. Sadighi, K. Hawkes, Vok Collection - Caucasus, Persia, Munich, 1996



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