A Collection of Oriental and European Carpets and Textiles

sumakh carpet
kuba area
northeast caucasus
circa 1870
363 x 175 cm (1111 x 59)

Notes: weft wrapping in wool on a wool foundation
The sumakh carpets of the Caucasus are among the very few weavings that retain a refined classical character in their designs, while simultaneously displaying a potent tribal aesthetic. The drawing of large diamonds and octagons seen here is based on a 'large-pattern Holbein' carpet prototype. The design also incorporates many elements seen on the rugs and trappings of the tribes of the Caucasus, such as the double-T motif or the zoomorphic-style yellow ornament that flanks the top and bottom of the inner octagon. The excellent condition of this sumakh allows us to fully appreciate the magnificent quality of its deeply saturated, gem-like colours.
Bibliography: A. Boralevi, Sumakh - Flat-woven carpets of the Caucasus, Florence 1986



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