A Collection of Oriental and European Carpets and Textiles

zili cover
azeri tribe
baku area
northeast caucasus
circa 1860
180 x 148 cm (511 x 410)

Notes: balanced plainweave in wool with extra-weft wrapping in wool and cotton
This finely embroidered cover is characterised by sparkling, jewel-like colours and features a dazzling arrangement of both mythical and realistic representations of birds and quadrupeds of various shapes. Some compartments are decorated by highly stylised tree forms, flanked either by small birds or by totemic-like figures, imagery that is at the foundation of much tribal iconography (see R. Pinner, The Animal Tree and the Great Bird in Myth and Folklore, in 'Turkoman Studies I', London, 1980, pg. 204-248). The exquisite tactile quality of this weaving further renders it a masterpiece of rare beauty.
Bibliography: R.E. Wright, J. T. Wertime, Caucasian Carpets and Covers, London 1995, pg. 72-76.



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