European Tapestries and Textiles of the Second Millennium

In this exhibition we will present a unique collection of about 60 European tapestries, embroideries and textiles dating from the Middle Ages to Art DecÚ. Among the many exhibits are a very rare north German tapestry dated to the 15th century and decorated by a highly unusual grotesque -type border, a group of 16th century Sicilian embroideries highlighted by a rare green background example with zoomorphic figures, a collection of 17th century Italian silk brocades with large architectural elements and by a series of cotton velvets designed by some of the leading French masters of the Art DecÚ period. Many of the pieces in the exhibition will be shown not only for their art historical importance but also for their decorative value. Many of the fragments shown are conserved and mounted on a fabric or frame and presented as woven paintings. The objective of the exhibition will be that of showing the most significant typologies of the second millennium, testimonies of an historical period in which European textile art has reached its highest splendor.

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