ELEMENTS – A Collection of Rugs by Allegra Hicks
April 8-13 2014, 10 am- 10 pm. Drinks: Wednesday April 9, from 6 pm

Inspired by the elements, Allegra Hicks’ latest carpet collection is inspired by aspects of Earth, Fire, Air and Water, the four primordial elements considered in antiquity to be the very essence of the world.
Allegra’s creative process begins with her observations of nature. ‘Patterns are an elaboration of nature, a microcosm that takes off from shapes in the macrocosm.’
The perfect geometry nature can sometimes represent is a lynchpin of modern design. It is as man made as it is natural in it's perfection and thus associated with each pattern of the ELEMENTS collection. With a metaphorical magnifying glass, Earth, Fire, Air and Water can be seen in the emerging patterns of these rugs. The solid fluidity of Earth; the ripple, lick and flicker of Fire; the lightness of Air and the movement of Water; each with its carbon make-up of design.
The use of watercolours has always marked the start of Allegra’s designs. Once the paintbrush touches the paper, the colour chooses its own path from which an organic flow originates with a freedom found in few other media. This unique sense of movement translates into each rug design.
The carpets are executed in three distinct techniques: flatweaves called ‘kilim’ hand woven in Anatolia using vegetable-dyed hand-spun wool; curvilinear chain-stitch embroideries and hand knotted carpets, both originating from India. Each design will be represented by the technique which will best express its inherent meaning, capturing perpetual movement of nature.
The exhibition is divided in various rooms, each representing one of the elements. The common thread that connects each room is the immaginative vocabulary of Allegra Hicks, her innate ability in developing patterns and the use of a ‘signature’ palette which always distinguished her creations. The extraordinary balance between colour and design which characterizes each of her carpets is reflected throughout the collection, just like in nature’s continuous dialogue between the four elements.
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